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Vanessa Marie Sumrall (Dominguez)

Vanessa Marie Sumrall (Dominguez) came to the end of her life in Phoenix, AZ on September 4th, 2020 after a year of fighting many sicknesses. She was born in Mesa, AZ on Febuary 14th, 1969 to mother Vancene May (Meaker) Dominguez Gracia and father Antonio Raul Dominguez Sr. Along side her came her first brother Antonio Dominguez Jr and second and youngest brother Victor Dominguez.

She grew up in Mesa, AZ most of her adolescent years, helping her father with his gardens and helping her mother with house work or with her brothers. When she wasn’t doing that she had an abundance of friends that she got to make lasting memories with to take into adulthood. She lived her life to the fullest by doing the things she loved. Eventually they all grew up, got married, and started having children.

By the age of 21 she gave birth to her first child Ryan Christopher Sumrall and became a mother. Her second favorite thing about life.  After 5 wonderful years of motherhood she gave birth to her second and last child Cayla Cherice Sumrall. She also became an aunt and loved having everyone grow up together. She loved all her nieces and her nephew, Alyssa Dominguez(Tony;Trisha); Hailey Dominguez(Tony;Jessica); Victoria Dominguez(Victor;Bridget); Vincente Dominguez(Victor;Bridget); and Desiree Dominguez(Tony;Jessica).

Eveutually she went on to work many different jobs from fast food, care taking, and finally the educational system as a crossing gaurd and teaching aid. This was the time she meet her life long bestfriend and sister Melody Shaw(Steve). Melody and Steve were her family as well and they took care of each other as such for many years. Whether they were going out to Toby Keith’s or sitting back at the house having drinks, they always had a blast togther.

She went through life loving every minute of being a mother, an aunt, and caring friend to all, until the day that she became a grandmother, her favorite moments in life were being a grandmother. She had 4 grandchildren, Carter Ray Sumrall (Ryan), Randall Dale Miller(Cayla&Adam), Sophia Leia Miller (Cayla&Adam), and Elijah Lew Miller (Cayla&Adam). For the last 5 years of her life she was a grandmother and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way than knowing those grandchildren loved and cherished her everyday of their lives.

She spent almost a decade devoted to and loving Charles Tweed, with their fur babies Sinatra, Stimpy, and Smokey. After the years went by at the end of her days they were only left with one, her favorite of them all, Smokey. He would do tricks like high fives or sprint and bur across her walk path. This was also the time where she got to experience more and more things in life. She made a lot of memories and a lot of wonderful stories with him and she was comfortable and loved him. She lived the last several years of her life living the way she wanted, with good food, good drinks, and good company and she left us knowing she did all the things she loved doing and thats what matters the most.

Please join us in remembering and celebrating her memory on Friday, October 30th, 2020. Starting at 10am at Bueler Mortuary Chandler, 14 West Hulet dr. Chandler, AZ 85225.

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