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Ruben de la Vega

Ruben de la Vega, age 53, passed away peacefully on May 7, 2020.  He is survived by his mother, siblings, and many close friends.  Born on October 17, 1966 with a chronically kind heart, he touched many lives throughout his life in meaningful ways.  The laughter and joy he brought others will continue beyond his departure for others to carry for the rest of their lives. Nothing was impossible with his unwavering confidence and positive approach to all things.  His love for others was always present from sharing an embrace to preparing you a meal.  His journey in mortality was a journey of faith.  Those within the family often refer to each other with the term “Godis”.  This term has been a term of endearment in Ruben’s family.  But there is more to this term that Ruben came to know.  In the beginning of his life, Ruben didn’t know that “God-is”.  But through his internal discussions with God, Ruben asked Him if He was in fact real, and if real, to close the doors to his prior life so that he could find a new life in Him.  As a convert and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ruben found this new life and a new purpose in God through service. He became a servant and friend to his fellow man—lifting and encouraging when he saw the need—when he saw anyone downtrodden, downhearted, or otherwise emotionally or spiritually struggling.  He often lifted others’ spirits through humor.  He loved bringing joy to all with whom he came in contact.  We honor and celebrate the life of Ruben de la Vega—our son, brother, uncle, cousin, and dearest friend.  As His family, we consecrate His life and His love to God—even that same God who gave us breath.  He touched so many lives while on this earth, and we now yearn for the day when we shall have that indescribably joyous reunion with him—when we shall reminisce about the experiences of this mortal test and sojourn on earth, when we shall once again embrace our dear family member and friend and press our bosoms to his in joyous love.  May we all follow the footsteps of Ruben in our own lives.  May all who read these words find healing in their souls who may be hurting for his loss or for any reason (just as Ruben would have wanted)—that we may find the same God that Ruben found, and talk to God as Ruben had.  May we all consecrate our lives to God as Ruben did.  And may we all pray that our dear Ruben be found in the loving embrace of the God of heaven who loves with a love that melts the hearts of all.  We will always cherish and miss you, Ruben!

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