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Marilyn B. Bixler

Marilyn Beth-Riviella Bixler passed away November 30th 2016.  Marilyn was surrounded by loving family who held her hand as she went in peace to the Lord.  Marilyn was wife to Gary Bixler and mother to Melissa and Brian Bixler.  Marilyn was the center of our family and her presence will be missed always.  Marilyn fought Crohn’s disease since 1972 and spent a lot of time in the hospital but always had a positive attitude and was grateful for our family.  Family was the most important thing to Marilyn and she was very happy to have her grandchildren close to her these last few years.  Allyson, Jack and Samuel were the most important people in her life these last eighteen years.  They filled her with love and gave her the peace and determination to fight Parkinson’s this last year and a half; she is the strongest person we have ever known.  Her husband Gary stood at her side for forty-five years providing her strength and love through her fight in illness and bringing her happiness in life.  Marilyn was not just an inspiration to our family but the countless others she touched throughout her life.  Marilyn, you are loved very much.

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