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Lawrence J. Mantovi

Lawrence Joseph Mantovi was born to Rita and Frank Mantovi on July 12, 1952. He grew up in Jamaica, New York. Larry was a Nationwide insurance agent for 42 years until he retired. He married the love of his life, Jeanette on June 7, 2014 and moved to Arizona shortly thereafter.

For those who knew him, no words are necessary, for those who didn’t, none are needed.

Larry had a heart as big as his body. He grew up with a love for baseball, especially the New York Yankees. His perfect day was cruising in one of his convertibles down the highway. He loved exploring Arizona, especially Tombstone, where all the western movies he watched as he was growing up, came alive again.

Larry had a unique sense of humor which always put a smile on the faces of those around him. He was certainly one of a kind.

Larry is survived by his best friend & wife Jeanette, and family.



  • Scott Snyder Posted April 12, 2018 3:16 PM

    So sorry for your loss Jenette, I met Larry in a bar in Cabo San Lucas while vacationing with my family. Is boisterous New York attitude quickly drew me to him, being from New York as well we hit it off right away. After sharing some time we realize that we both live in Arizona now and exchange phone numbers. He’s listed in my phonebook as Cabo Larry. Upon arriving home a few weeks later Cabo Larry showed up at my restaurant, and we continued to learn more about each other and become friends. I am deeply saddened by his loss and will forever remember is infectious laugh. Rest in peace Cabo Larry and may God bless his family during this difficult time

  • Angie Singh Posted April 12, 2018 8:17 PM

    Larry was my neighbor @ the Yacht Club in NY, He would blast Jone Jet from his car & and that was my cue to come outside dancing on the sidewalk. We always had a laugh, he Truly radiated love to everyone. I will always remember him with a smile on his face. My prayers are with you Jeannette & Larry’s family.

  • Jeff and Rosa Arrigo Posted April 13, 2018 6:04 AM

    One of the fondest memories I have of Larry is the time that he and Jeff took a long ride to Pennsylvania together to go visit Larry’s cousin. During that ride Larry and Jeff shared so many stories as they were getting to know each other. They laughed the entire trip. Larry was a man who was full of life and loved to entertain people. He will be missed by all who loved him.

  • Phil Vessa Posted April 13, 2018 10:57 AM

    I will NEVER forget his famous ham and cheese sandwiches that were always bigger than my head but which I couldn’t put down or the 1996 Yankees Workd Series game he took me to and sitting in the left field stands for 3 amazing hours before the game. You will be truly missed Lar.

  • Mike Milner Posted April 15, 2018 9:49 AM

    Larry and I had great fun singing along at the top of our lungs to Beatles music as we cruised along in his Caddy . I loved to get him spun up by making fun of the Yankees . He from NY and I from Phx . What fun we had together . Lots of laughs , good food and cold beer . Larry loved life and I loved him . See ya later big guy .

  • Shawn Posted April 16, 2018 11:21 AM

    I have not known Larry very long but in that time he has been like a father figure to me. Larry is the most generous and caring person I’ve met. I will especially miss our phone conversations we had daily and our time together looking for cars. No one can replace my friend and business partner Larry Mantovi…

  • Steve Vitale Posted April 16, 2018 11:45 AM

    Where can you start as to what we are going to miss about you Larry. The voicemail messages you can listen to over and over because they are that funny. The joke emails you sent that I fear may now be on my hard drive, the enthusiasm in your voice as we discussed food (especially Bamonti’s), your stories of westerns, the smile I can see on your face as you would call me on your cell with the top down in your vette (even as I yell “I cant hear you”) 🙂
    Rarely do you meet a man as genuine and honest as Larry. His heart was proudly on his sleeve and no one ever had to guess where they stood with him.
    I always said if there was an olympic sport for breaking shoes you would be gold medalist. I know heaven is having a ball with you up there.
    You will be missed and always remembered.

  • Francis Celona Posted April 17, 2018 6:31 AM

    Larry was a great friend for over 20 years. We had such a great road trip to Boston in 2011 to visit my son Jonathan at college and go to his sports memorabilia show in Wilmington Mass.
    Larry was like a little kid playing baseball and pitching with all my sons college buddies. He was such a great influence on Jon who as a sports managment major was enthralled by Larry’s recollection of his younger years growing up as a Yankees fan while my son was himself an avid Red Sox fan.
    They talked baseball for hours. The statistics the 2 of them could recount about past and present players was phenomenal. I, as a father really appreciated Larry’s interest in my son’s future.
    I myself appreciated and shared his interest in automobiles as well. We could talk Corvettes endlessly
    He always asked and truly cared about my family members. He will be sorely missed. God Bless You Larry. I Love You and will miss you,

  • William(Bill) Gentle Posted April 17, 2018 12:47 PM

    Well my friend, it’s time for you to ride off into the sunset……the Sons of Katie Elder are waiting with Big John to escort you across the bridge. I will miss our long talks over a beer and stogie in my garage on those warm summer nights… when we solved all the problems of the World. Take care pilgrim……..till we all meet again on the other side may you ride free forever……..Bill and Ruthie.

  • jonathan celona Posted April 17, 2018 2:05 PM

    you saw me grow up from being a young boy to a man, you also saw me grow my business from small to big. I always enjoyed talking baseball with you even though we rooted for different teams with you being a diehard Yankees fan and myself a diehard red sox fan. You took me to my first and only game at the old Yankee stadium the real house that Ruth built, till this day I still remember the day we had at the ballpark. You were always a joy to talk to and always was able to give me the advice I needed. Thank you for being a great friend. Love, Jonathan Celona

  • Thomas j negale Posted April 17, 2018 6:02 PM

    I knew Larry since 1987 and we became instant friends. He always made me laugh and I will never forget his big personality! I’m going to miss him and wish him peace in heaven. Love you Larry!

  • Matthew Schlick Posted April 18, 2018 5:06 AM

    I have known Larry for 45 years. Although he was my insurance agent for 25 years, we socialized quite often. Our kids grew up together, we had backyard Bar-B-Q’s, and we vacationed together. One of the funniest times (now, not then) was when we went to Hershey Park, in PA. We crashed an OctoberFest Party, with some Amish people. Then, we went to Hershey Park. Our kids were young, maybe 8 or 10. My daughter wanted to go a roller coaster ride. Larry’s boys did not. I waited in line almost an hour, only to find she was an inch short for the ride. I asked why there wasn’t a sign at the beginning of the line? Anyhow, we were refused. I told the attendant I’m not leaving, and he called security. Larry was beside himself, when I told him I threatened the guy with having a “bomb”. Where would I be today, if that happened? LOL! I’m glad I got the opportunity to see him last year! Love, you buddy! ….”Schlegel”

  • Jane Tampellini – Celona Posted April 19, 2018 10:03 AM

    I was introduced to Larry at a Nationwide Agent district meeting by his brother my friend Tommy Mantovi. Larry and I became fast friends and I thank Nationwide for that friendship forged over 23 years ago. Larty was a straight shooter, always willing to help, give advice and was generally a good hearted soul. We talked about everything and shared lots of laughs, traveled to some fun places, and ate great food. I was thrilled when he met Jeanette and then married her. She was exactly what he needed, they were so good for each other. I will miss my dear friend. God bless his eternal soul, I know he is telling jokes with John Wayne and our dear friend Tommy Boyle up in heaven. He used to call me ” Jane Wayne” and I always got a kick out of that.

  • Andrew and Tamara Mcqueen Posted April 19, 2018 6:42 PM

    My husband Andrew initially met Larry through their mutual love of automobiles. They started doing some business together and became fast friends! Early in the relationship, they brought us wives into the fold, and the four of us would have fun times sipping wine and eating great food! We admired Larry’s loyalty, spunk and quirky sense of humor. Andrew had never had a real New York friend before and they always enjoyed each others company immensely. Larry was always overly generous, and he gave selflessly and helped so many people! Very quickly, the beautiful Jeanette became a very dear and close friend of mine. Andrew and I are both extremely saddened by Larry‘s passing, but we want him to know we will always be there for his fabulous bride Jeanette. Anything she needs or wants, we are there, and always will be!
    Till we meet again Larry!

  • Lyndsey Posted April 23, 2018 12:28 PM

    Larry- My Dad2

    Words can not come close to the love I have for you. From the day I met you I knew you were a keeper, good hearted man with a huge heart. Never did I expect to have the relationship we shared.

    From our drives all around Long Island in the red Corvette to our sing alongs in the Caddy to the Grand Canyon. Boy, did “I get into something good”. And how could we forget our favorite back seat driver?- Love you Mom.

    Your legacy and heart will forever live within me and I will make sure I live life to the fullest in your honor. Herman’s Hermits and Gary Lewis and the Playboys will forever be my favorite past times with you. Thank you for being exactly the man I needed in my life and more importantly the gentle loving soul my mom needed in hers.

    Thank you for always being proud of me and encouraging me to do my best. The world will never be with same without you. I love you.

    Your daughter, Lyndsey

  • Miguel lorenzana Posted May 7, 2018 6:23 PM

    We! Miguel,Charlie and Jairo it was a pleasure for us to restore your corvettes thanks for what you did for us, rest in peace.

  • Jeanette Posted June 16, 2018 8:57 AM

    The story of us:

    Larry and I met 10 years ago. He gave me the experience of being deeply understood, truly supported and completely and utterly loved. I will carry that with me always.

    Larry was my rock. When I was worried, he said it would be OK. He was completely dedicated to me in every way and his strength these past few months is the best sign I could have that Larry is still here with me in spirit.

    Larry and I did not get nearly enough time together. As heartbroken as I am today, I am equally grateful for every minute we had.

    As we put the love of my life to rest today, his amazing ability to give is still with us. It lives on in the stories people are sharing of how he touched their lives.

    Things will never be the same but the world is better for the years my beloved Larry has lived.

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